top wordpress experts you should follow

Top WordPress Experts You Should Follow

Nowadays when the  informative information is becoming popular, there are many powerful open sources existing and confirming its strength on the market. If you are a blogger and love writing, you are familiar with WordPress. It is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. However, the adventure journey to become a WordPress guru is not easy, it has many difficulties and challenges. On this way, helping you to reach success of the glory WordPress Experts are indispensable. Today we are very proud to share you Top WordPress Experts You Should Follow. They will be professional experts giving you useful advises and experiences during the process of writing blog. Surely following their steps you will drive your way rightly. Who will be your favorite expert? Please look at this list and choose the best one.

Matt Mullenweg

top wordpress experts you should follow

He is CEO/Founder of Automatic Inc created to provide services to the WordPress ecosystem. We are the people behind which serves more than 15.8 billion pages a month, as well as a host of other popular services such as Akismet, Jetpack, Gravatar and VaultPress. Matt’s ability is to adapt and listen to his customers & employees, he is a problem solver and takes initiative to deliver results in short periods of time. Matt received many congratulations and encourages from his friends, colleagues and assistants.

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Joost de Valk


Joost is CEO & Founder at Yoast and member of the brotherhood at SEOktoberfest. They help you to optimize your website through WordPress plugins, blog posts, eBooks and even tweets. Now on his social media, the number of fan following him is very high. If you are interested in Joost, please follow him and learn his experience.

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Lorelle is the superwoman who has contributed hundreds of articles to the WordPress Codex as well as joined in different WordCamps. Besides, she also helps and shares many tips, advice and techniques for blogging and using WordPress and

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Syed Balkhi


Although Syed is very young he is successful in his job. He is the founder of WPBeginner, List25, OptinMonster, SoliloquyWP, EnviraGallery… He is an award-winning young entrepreneur with several 7-figure online businesses and Syed was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by the United Nations. Now more than 400 million people visit his website.

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Justin Tadlock

top wordpress experts you should follow

Justin is the owner of and co-reviewer at, Co-author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development. Now he has an own website to share his blogs, article and many awesome tutorials to tech you how to  do cool stuff with the system.

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Rebecca Gill

top wordpress experts you should follow

Rebecca is a beautiful founder of WebSavvyMrkting- an agency providing WordPress services. She also writes many famous articles, blogs, books. If you have times, please visit her website and learn her experiences & skills.

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John Eckman

top wordpress experts you should follow

John is CEO of 10up – a great expert for those who may be a little more advanced. He works with a team of stellar engineers, designers and strategists to deliver compelling digital experiences on WordPress and share their WordPress adventures and as a plugin developer. Besides, he is the Managing Director of Boston office, he manages delivery on all accounts, grow and support Boston delivery resources.

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David Wells

top wordpress expertds you should follow

David is an enthusiastic WordPress developer and blogs about WordPress at He’s a friendly resource on all things WordPress and a great guy to get to know! Now David is the owner of the famous blog website with many blogs, articles. If you love him, hurry up to vote for him.

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BK Macdaddy Designs

top wordpress experts you should follow

This expert offers great tips for your site from design to HTML and even social media. He is a web & graphic designer and specializes in creatively custom WordPress websites, Facebook pages, Twitter Backgrounds, SEO- all your web design dreams in 1 place.

[email protected] Macdaddy

Chris Lema

top wordpress experts you should follow

Chris Lema’s blog is a medley of business insights and WordPress tips, and is a great read for any WordPress entrepreneur.  Chris recently published a post on how he got his weekly talk showWPwatercooler to hit 2.5 million views. Now he is a famous blogger with many classic blogs and articles. Please follow his social media if you want to learn his writing experience and professional skills.

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top wordpress experts you should follow

He specializes in WordPress Hosting, Websites, Webshops, SEO Zoekmachine Optimalisatie en Social Media. Besides he is famous for WordPress Google SEO, Cloud Hosting,Web Design, Social Media, Stategie Internet Business Marketing, CMS Blogger.

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Above is the list of Top wordpress experts you should follow. If you love whom, spending a little time everyday reading their blogs, articles to learn more experiences and skills about WordPress. We are sure that they are the greatest teachers and instructors giving you many valuable knowledge on your successful road. And feel free to share with us the WordPress experts you love and what you’ve learnt from them. If you know more about wordpress experts, please share us so that this list becomes more various and valuable. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get latest information.

Thanks so much!

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