Top Awesome WordPress Bloggers You should follow

Writing blog is a daily popular activity of WordPress Bloggers. Theu use their skills, practical experience and emotion to write great works servicing readers. Howerver, the road to become a professional blogger is not easy and flat, it exists many difficulites and challenges that requires you to make great attempt too overcome. On this way, you are not alone because you always have steady help of famous WordPress Bloggers and reputed Experts. They will give you useful advices and suggestions for your blogs. Therefore it is necessary for you to follow their social media to learn from their blogs, posts. If you follow step by step in all process, surely success will be soon to you. Today Opal WordPress will share you a blog of this subject “Top Awesome WordPress Bloggers You should follow”. Who will be your favorite wordpress blogger? Please look at the below list and choose the best one.



Chris Lema. “CTO & Chief Strategist for @crowdfavorite. Speaker. Coach. Author. Blogger. I study high performers & lead high performing teams.”. His blog is a medley of business insights and WordPress tips, and is a great read for any WordPress entrepreneur.  Chris recently published a post on how he got his weekly talk showWPwatercooler to hit 2.5 million views. Now he is a famous blogger with many classic blogs and articles. Please follow his social media if you want to learn his writing experience and professional skills.

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Lorelle “WordPress, blogging, and web publishing tips, techniques, and training“. She is the superwoman who has contributed hundreds of articles to the WordPress Codex as well as joined in different WordCamps. Besides, she also helps and shares many tips, advice and techniques for blogging and using WordPress and

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BobWP “WordPress trainer & coach | blogger | workshops in Seattle & Bellevue | on-site group training at“. He had more than 20 years of marketing, graphic design and website development experience into his passion for WordPress, which he started working with in 2008.

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Justin Tadlock


Justin is the owner of and co-reviewer at, Co-author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development. Now he has an own website to share his blogs, article and many awesome tutorials to tech you how to  do cool stuff with the system.

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Tom Ever

tom ever

Tom Ewer. “Professional blogger, nut and the founder of”. Since starting down this path in 2011 he has written around 1,000 blog posts across nearly one hundred blogs published on Lifehacker,interviewed by FreelanceSwitch, featured in Blog Design for Dummies and named a ProBlogger “Blogger to Watch.” If you love his blogs, please follow his twitter and blogs!

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Brian Krogsgard


Brian Krogsgard. “I’m the editor of post_status, a website for WordPress professionals”. He is originally from Daphne, Alabama and he went to Auburn University and graduated in the fall of 2008 in Industrial Engineering. He is a web developer, writer, and consultant based in Birmingham, Alabama. He loves building websites, and he builds them with WordPress.

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Paulund “Blogger, Web Developer. I tweet about WordPress, PHP, CSS, jQuery and HTML5 tutorials and snippets”. Now on his Twitter has more than 10.4k followers, if you love him please follow his blogs to learn writing skills and practical experience to improve yourself.

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Raelene Wilson


Raelene Wilson “Blog Editor at WPMU DEV. Hot chocolate aficionado and devourer of words”. She wrote many great wordpress blogs in different fields – a wordpress expert. If you have times, please visit her website and learn her experiences & skills. Surely you will get many useful learns!

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Maria Popova


Maria Popova “Reader/writer. Founder of. MIT Fellow“. She is a winner in the contest “Blogger Finalists” – one of the 7 best members selected by the Nominating Board from among the top 25 nominees after the nominating period ended. Really very proud! On her Twiiter, there are more than 567K followers. If you praise her, quickly visit her blogs to learn experience!

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Jason Kottke


Jason Kottke “Responsible for and Irresponsible about everything else“. He currently lives in NYC where I work on and Stellar, a site for collecting and sharing your favorite things.

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Jim Connolly


Jim Connolly “I write one of the world’s most popular marketing blogs. I help small business owners succeed“. He has worked in marketing since 1986, with his own successful marketing business since 1995. He has many excellent marketing tips, you can visit his blog to read and get precious knowledge. Besides, Jim’s Marketing Blog is listed in the world’s “Top 10 sales and marketing sites” by SAP, the world leader in business software. It’s also ranked by Famous Bloggers in their Top Marketing Blogs of 2015.

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Loz James


Loz James “Copywriter, content marketer & blogger. Father of 3 and founder of the Content Champion blog & podcast. Join my heroic quest to discover epic content marketing“. He has  run a copywriting and marketing business from a purpose built office in the grounds of his home for more than 15 years. Now he has a happy family with a beautiful wife and three kids.

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Melanysguylines “Snarky blogger. 30ish & working (unknowingly) as flytrap for stupid people. Relationships, life, brands & So me. Shorty Awards Vox Populi Blogger Winner 2015“. She is a great blogger that is worthy for you to follow. On Twitter, she is famous with a big fan of 23.7K followers.

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Kevin Muldoon


KenvinMuldoon “Blogger, YouTuber, WordPress Fanatic, Travelling Bum & Self Confessed Gadget Junkie. I talk about WordPress a lot and hang out at

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Above is the list of Top Awesome WordPress Bloggers You Should follow. If you love whom, spending a little time everyday reading their blogs, articles to learn more experiences and skills about WordPress. We are sure that they are the greatest teachers and instructors giving you many valuable knowledge on your successful road. And feel free to share with us the WordPress Bloggers you love and what you’ve learnt from them. Before Opal WordPress published an introduction of WordPress Experts “Top WordPress Experts You Should Follow” and received many good comments. If you know more about wordpress bloggers, please share us so that this list becomes more various and valuable. In the process of working if we know more we will update it right now. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get latest information.