Simply Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Content

With today’s the demand and online marketing trend, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your content is one of the most important factors any marketers care. They look after it carefully and thoroughly because their marketing is successful or fail partly thanks to the content. So that your writings make closer to reader’s hearts, you need to use many social media to publish, share these blogs. However, it is essential for you to use social channels efficiently and scientifically, choose the most suitable ones for your marketing plan. Today, Opal WordPress will share you Simply Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Content. This is really necessary and useful during the process of building content for your blogs. Before, Opal WordPress spent time reviewing some social channels for your marketing like How to increase followers on Twitter, How to improve Facebook Fanpage, How to increase SEO with Google+…If you have time, please visit them!

#1. Build exciting and appealing content

Indeed, the first thing you need to pay attention is to build exciting and appealing content. Why? Do you like a blog with a wordy and unintelligible content? Surely say no. Therefore, to get reader’s emotion quickly you need to invest time and energy to prepare content perfectly. This is the way your visitors can access your writing and pay attention to it. If the content you post is carefully prepared, the viewers will high appreciate because you give them what they need. So before publishing a post you should prepare everything thoroughly such as contents, photos, pictures, video or questions, name, title, description…

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#2. Don’t use too images

As we know, besides good contents beautiful images are a wonderful way to transmit information and create appeal for the blog. However, not for this you abuse them too much, using a series of images in the writing. In stead you should use images in the blog suitably and scientifically. Google can read images on your website and they can appear on the searching channels of Google when you provide the SEO value in your images:

  • The images must have name, description suitable with the content.
  • The images must have explanation “alt”
  • You shouldn’t hide the important content in images

More importantly you should search and choose images suitable with the content, the images must be beautiful and appealing. They must transmit enough information you must they display.

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#3. Make it easy to share

The third thing you need to pay attention is to make the content easy to share. If a piece of content evokes an emotional reaction, people want to share that experience with others. It’s to your advantage to make it easy to share and “give up” a little control. You should use some buttons in a comfortable position for them to share. The benefits of allowing people to share your content are great. From gaining links to driving traffic to your site and so much more, making it easy to share only helps you meet your end goals.


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#4. Focus on being social

Put more of yourself, or your brand personality, into your writing. Those articles that read like you and I are having an informed chat about content marketing best practices do far better than those articles where I stand at the front of the classroom (metaphorically, of course) and read from a textbook.

How to encourage content engagement on social media:

  • Make your blog header images appealing and eye-grabbing.
  • Make your infographics engage and your eBooks more visually exciting than traditional (especially if you’re going to advertise them on social).
  • Write in a conversational tone that connects with your demographic.
  • Use personal pronouns to increase the sense of the individual in your writing.

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#5. Join many popular social groups

It is excellent for you to find some popular social groups to join. This great way will help you to reach more people to get repins, followers and traffic. Why? Because when you join these groups you can share your writings on this and learn many useful experiences from the others. They are also like you, when completing a blog they want to share it to the community. Sometimes you will get many interesting things to improve your writing skills. Please spend time doing researching and filtering suitable groups to join.  Don’t be afraid to express your own ideas in those groups!

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In conclusion, above is some Simply Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Content. You need to mixture all tips to apply them effectively into your business. What do you think about tips we give? Hoping they will be partly useful for you in the process of building campaign. In the process of working if you find a good tip, leave a below comment and contact us via social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, we will update them immediately.

Thanks so much!