Save Nepal Earthquake with Unity Theme

One of the shocking global events in 2015 is Nepal Earthquake. On public media, news, magazines, radio, television they forecast the serious impacts of this earthquake. It killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 14,500 people, destroyed thousands of high towers & ancient buildings, many children lost their parents & family and become homeless. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934 and made Nepal come back to zero. Really it is very difficult for Nepal people to overcome this shock. Many warm-hearted supports, social funds, non government organizations, cooperation all over the world helped, donated and sponsored money, clothes, food for people and hoping they can quickly pass this big loss.

We – Opal WordPress as a small member in this global community wants to give a hand for the meaning development activities and help Nepal people to continue living.

What will we do to help Nepal?

Besides direct money we can contribute to them, another meaningful activity we want to share is from our great products. Now Opal developed a community theme “Unity Professional Crowdfunding WordPress Theme”. It is a professional wordpress theme for charity, non-profit, NGO organizations, church websites and fundrasing organizations. With a friendly-environment and rich-feeling design style, Unity has 4 wonderful homepage layouts, you can help Nepal by using this theme to donate and call everyone to raise funds, practice campaigns to save them. This is a meaningful activity for community in general and Nepal people in particular.

Please remember each a small act of kindness will be precious for Nepal in this tragedy.

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