Review 2 Released WordPress Themes in April 2015

The time passes very fast. A month ago Opal WordPress reviewed 2 released wordpress themes in March 2015, some days we say goodbye April and welcome May.It is time for us to continue reviewing released wordpress themes in April. Within a month, Opal WordPress team always make great efforts to design and develop beautiful & qualified themes for our beloved customers. Luckily, in April we released 2 shopping wordpress themes on Themeforest and receive many good comments and congratulations. Therefore, today Opal WordPress is happy to share a blog “Review 2 Released WordPress Themes in April 2015”. Hoping that you can have an overview of our two themes “Gentshop – Lookbook WooCommerce WordPress Theme and Azshop – WooCommerce WordPress Theme”.

Azshop – WooCommerce WordPress Theme


In the first days of April, Azshop was officially released after great attempts and waitings of all people. This is a professional Woocommerce wordpress them with multi purposes suitable for any kinds of shop from Electronics stores, Tools shop to Fashion shop and all types of marketplace business.

This theme is built on powerful & flexible WPO WordPress Framework Theme and Boostrap 3.0 that makes your website compatible with any electronic devices such as computer, laptop, tablet, ipad and larger screen. What’s more! Azhop is outstanding with Megamenu,Vertical menu and Woocommerce plugin that create you a powerful and rich menu on your site. You can show list of products as you want professionally. This theme also supports many great tools to customize theme via using Live Theme Editor, Customizer.

Besides, AZSHOP is developed to be easy for you to customize theme settings from colors to layouts through our robust base theme. It is easy, quick and convenient. Maybe this theme really brings you everything you need for your website ” All in One” – fast, simple and perfect!

With its great features, why don’t you visit demo and try it on! Surely Azshop will not make you disappointed and instead you will really feel wonderful to use and do bussiness. We hash -tag link below, please visit if you like!

Live Demo Download

Gentshop -Lookbook Woocommerce WordPress Theme


After some days releasing Azshop, really happily when we welcome Gentshop – Lookbook WooCommerce WordPress Theme. This is a modern fashion wordpress theme with a full of outstanding features and functions for a professional website. Gentshop is suitable for all fashion stores, clothes shop and any woocommerce website.

Like other shopping themes of Opal, Gentshop has full of great features and functions of a professional wordpress theme such as Fully Responsive, WooCommerce, Multi Header and Layouts, Megamenu, Quick view product, Live Theme Editor.. and its new feature is Lookbook page. You can be free and comfortable to show your favorite collections and fashion trends on your website.

If you love Gentshop, hurry up visiting demo and experience its wonderful features. Let’s go!

Live Demo Download

In conclusion, in April 2015 Opal WordPress is very happy to release 2 shopping wordpress themes and receives many customers’s feeling. Now, these two themes are sold well on Themeforest, however, surely they will have wrong things hoping everyone loving our themes will support and advice us so that we can be more perfect. Your contributions and comments are always valuable and helpful with us. Moreover, Opal WordPress will release more then new woocommerce themes in the near time, so you should follow our social channel to update latest information.

Thanks so much!