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Field Creator For Opal Estate for WordPress websites with the best services and awesome features.
easy installation

Easy Installation

It is very easy to install the simple membership plugin. You install it just like any other WordPress plugin. Upload, activate, follow our tutorials..

Set up & Update

Quick to set up, publish and update.Easy to use and customize. Compatible with all kinds of Themes and Frameworks…

set up and update
easy to manage field creator

Easy to Manage Fields Creators

Admin can be flexible to add, edit, delete or config fields of the information in a property. They can edit or change information of the fields including metakey, title, add icons class.. Like so customers can get more essential information about property they want to rent or buy.

Advanced Config Short Meta in Setting

After configuration some fields including adding new fields, editing admin can go to Short Meta to config. They can Enable or Disable fields they want to show for their properties.

advanced config fields
search area

Easily Config Search Area of Fields

Users can manage every information there. You can edit some fields or choose type of search Select or Range, choose data in select box or max range or min range.

Manage Property Information

After adding some fields users can go to Property in admin to edit information of those fields such as number, square, area size suitably for each property they want to show. Easy to use because it attaches the clear guide for each field.

manage property info

Great Themes Use This Plugin

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Professional Support

Professional Support 24/7

We are passionate about making our products work for your needs and ensure you get the highest level of support when you buy any of our products. We have setup a support forum , ticket system where you can report bugs if any, ask help…. In the process of setting up, if you meet any problems, please follow our detailed guide or video guide and tutorials how to set up. Don't hesitate to share with us your experience!