How to make your website friendly with Google

Google and other searching tools have had a long way of development and changes. Especially, Google – one of the familiar tools with people has many improvements and sophistication in appreciating the websites about UX and SEO. This says that designing a website with SEO standard (title, keyword, meta description…) is a fault. While the truth is that SEO and UX must go hand in hand with each other and a design having good UX will support so much in the process of optimizing SEO for the website. Today Opal WordPress will share our beloved customers, friends and relatives an useful blog of How to make your website friendly with Google. Hoping this tutorial will be a good experience for you to improve your website better.

How website is friendly with mobile

In April 2015, Google published a update version about the criteria of appreciating the friendly level of a website with mobile. Google will increase the rank for the website having layout compatible with mobile devices (visibility, suitable link distance…). In this blog, we will analyze 4 necessary factors to appreciate your website friendly with mobile devices. Before we also published a blog of The importance of Google ranking factors, you can visit it and read.

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# 1. If you use scroll bar unlimited, you should use it wisely

Unlimited Scroll in which the older content continues to be downloaded when users scroll below the website. This is considered as a friendly & beautiful design for UX. Many popular websites are using this functionality such as Facebook and Pinterest.

However, many searching tools can’t imitate user’s behaviors according to this ways and the content will be shown for users but Google can’t find it. If moving unlimited is a design factor you don’t want to miss on your website, Google advises you to create a series of dividing page together with unlimited scroll. Because simply this will make sure the download time is fast and allow users to find the content easily.


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#2. You shouldn’t use Click to widen

Secondly, you shouldn’t use Click to widen. Why? This design uses links and tabs when clicking into many contents will be displayed. Although Google didn’t commit these contents will be missed but Google didn’t index them. Therefore, using click to widen can be good in designing simply but it will be disadvantage for optimizing SEO Website.

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#3. You shouldn’t use too many images

As we know, besides good contents beautiful images are a wonderful way to transmit information and create appeal for the blog. However, not for this you abuse them too much, using a series of images in the writing. In stead you should use images in the blog suitably and scientifically. Google can read images on your website and they can appear on the searching channels of Google when you provide the SEO value in your images:

  • The images must have name, description suitable with the content.
  • The images must have explanation “alt”
  • You shouldn’t hide the important content in images

More importantly you should search and choose images suitable with the content, the images must be beautiful and appealing. They must transmit enough information you must they display.

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#4. You shouldn’t use too many pages

Google thinks that users will feel annoyed and surely log out your website if they must pass many steps to the homepage especially in the process of registering or booking online on your website. Please divide into small steps users have to do on other tabs to avoid users must pass many other pages to implement a work.

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Above is all the tips to make your website friendly with Google. You can read and get useful knowledge if necessary. Besides, you can reference our blog of How to increase SEO for your website with Google+. In the process of searching, you find a good way please leave a below comment or contact us directly via email or skype, we will update it immediately. Your suggestions are really meaningful and precious with us helping us to be more perfect. Hoping your website will be friendly with Google and get more profits from this improvement. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get the newest information!

Thanks so much!