How to Keep Customers on Your Website Longer

As we know, the big goal of building a website is to keep customers on your website the longer the better. Your website only has 10-15 seconds to make impression on customers and keep them stay longer. If in some first seconds they read and don’t feel attractive with your website, immediately they will leave it to others. So keeping visitors on your site for the longest amount of time possible is incredibly important when in comes to being found on page one of Google. And that makes sense, as why would Google rank your site is the most relevant for any keyword or keyword phrase if everyone bounced off the second that they saw your site? Today Opal WordPress will help you to experience How to Keep Customers on Your Website Longer. Hoping through this blog you will learn many useful things to apply them into your website.

#1. Optimize your web design

Nowadays, if your website is designed with enough of beautiful images, powerful features and awesome functions surely it will make impression on customer at the first sight. They feel interests, new and modern things in every your design.  Especially your website is updated with new trends of the technology, which helps them experience closer. Necessarily, your web design is compatible with any electronic devices. If it misses this, make sure that you will lose a big number of customers to visit site. Therefore, pay attention to design web simply but qualify.

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#2. Make your content more readable

Indeed, making content more readable is very important because it is considered as the spirit of each website helping reader to understand the main content of website. If you’ve ever stopped by a web page that consists of nothing more than a long, unbroken piece of dense text, you know how important readability is in attracting and keeping people on a website.

To make your content more readable, adopt the following techniques:

  • Cut paragraphs so that they consist of no more than two to five sentences
  • Use subheads to break up content into sections
  • Add bullet or numbered lists when possible
  • Bold or italicize key words and phrases

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#3.  Choose the most qualified images

After you prepare content carefully, it is essential for you to choose beautiful, impressive and suitable images for your website, blogs or advertising programs. This will be a good way to keep customer’s feet longer. When they visit your website and are attractive by wonderful images, surely they are eager to discover this greatness. And we think that choosing the beautiful images is very easy and not waste your time. If you can’t design yourself, you can hire a designers. They will design your website beautiful and professional images.

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#4. Add some videos

Why does video work so well? People today seem to prefer watching over reading, so give them what they want! And if you ever do a video on YouTube, make sure to embed it on your site as you definitely want them watching on your site versus YouTube, because Google rewards your site for keeping people on longer, and YouTube still counts the watch on your site as a view.

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#5. Add internal links

One simple way to keep people on your site longer is to add internal links to other related pages throughout your site. Though these links also provide some search engine optimization (SEO) value, it’s important to structure them with the goal of helping your readers find other information they’ll like. Don’t use this as an opportunity to keyword-stuff your links full of SEO phrases.

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#6. Make your website load faster

This is one of the most overlooked, yet incredibly important, pieces of the Internet puzzle. And having a fast site is crucial for two reasons:

  1. If your site takes more than a couple seconds to load, most people will leave. No one has patience for slow sites, so don’t be that site that feels like it is on dial-up.
  2. Google also places quite a bit of favor in their ranking algorithm on faster loading sites. Keep in mind that Google’s #1 Mission is to give an incredible user experience, and showing the Google users a website that is incredibly slow, doesn’t fit in well with their overall goals. So having a slow site will hurt how your site ranks.



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In conclusion, above is some simple tips How to Keep Customers on Your Website Longer.  In the process of searching, you find a good way please leave a below comment or contact us directly via email or skype, we will update it immediately. Your suggestions are really meaningful and precious with us helping us to be more perfect. Hoping your website will be longer with customers. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get the newest information!

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