How to increase SEO for your website with Google+

The google ranking is very important to the success of any websites. There are many ways to help your website to the top of the searching tools. However, many people miss the importance of Google Plus. When you own a small business having personal website or blog and you want your website to appear on the top and Google+ will help you to improve this issue. Before, Opal WordPress had many articles about social media SEO tips on our blog page such as Facebook marketing strategies, How to increase Followers on Twitter…If you have free time, please visit them and read more. Today, we will continue to share you with the topic “How to increase SEO for your website with Google+”. Hoping this writing will give some small tips to improve Google+ marketing strategy successfully.

#1. Complete your profile


Google+ is a powerful tool helping you to optimize SEO. The first tip you should is to complete your profile. Indeed, nobody wants to visit your google+ page with a uncompleted profile with few personal information. You should accomplish all required fields in the profile so that your customers can see belief and reputation. Of course, if they like they will follow you immediately. Therefore, please spend a little time completing a professional profile then remember to update information!

#2. Optimize the content

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After having a professional profile, you should pay attention to the content of each post. You must make sure that the content is qualified and optimized. So some keywords to optimize the content such as title, URL links, meta description, content, images, video..You should choose the hot topics, new information to post, which will make readers interested and necessary. Uploading new content in the company blog can help gain quality links and also increase the authority of the website. Opal WordPress had an useful blog of “Why content is King in SEO” and “6 Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog More Popular“ Please read and get basic knowledge.

#3. Use Social Media


Working on and implementing a good social media strategy is sure to work in your favor. For this, you need to first understand your target audience and make use of few specific social media channels where they are most active. Try to connect to people who have many followers in social media as information will be shared quickly. You can search some famous groups or forums to follow them. Besides, you can read more at the blog of 5 Social Media Marketing Trends Boomed 2015. It provides much useful knowledge for your website!

#4. Set up Authorship with your personal profile

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There are two options for adding the authorship connection from your blog posts to your Google+ profile. The first is to add your email address on each page of your content (recommended for multi-author blogs) and have that email address listed in your Google+ profile. Alternatively, you can also link your content to your Google+ profile and vice versa. When linking your content to your Google+ profile (in an author bio box, for example), you will need to format your URL as follows.

#5. Get Active

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Start by creating segments or circles. Then, add people that are relevant to each one. You might have a customer circle, vendor circle, or industry circle. Explore communities too. There are many active members of Google+ in smaller niche communities. Getting involved with these groups online could open up new doors for your business.

#6. Encourage +1’s

As you know, when you post a blog on Google+ you have a +1 button on your website. The +1 button is Google’s much more powerful answer to the Facebook Like button because the number of +1’s a page gets will show up in search results, even if a searcher is not logged into Google+. Be sure to get the latest +1 button code from Google and install it on both your individual pages and your main home page. It is the best social proof you can have in Google search results. Even if you’re not worried about the number of +1’s shown in search results, remember that the +1 button also allows others to easily share a link on your website on their Google+ profile!

For example, you search Google the keyword “Top WordPress Experts“, it will show the result at the top.

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Above is all the tips for increasing SEO for your website with Google+. You can read and get useful knowledge if necessary. In the process of searching, you find a good way please leave a below comment or contact us directly via email or skype, we will update it immediately. Your suggestions are really meaningful and precious with us helping us to be more perfect. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get newest information!

Thanks so much!