How to increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular marketing social media young generations are caring. However, not all people use Twitter effectively and get maxium profits from it. Many many people feel headache when they practice a lot ways, the interaction on Twitter is not high. They always put a big question “How to increase Followers on Twitter ”. Maybe they are meeting a problem in managing Twitter. In this article, Opal WordPress will share some simple tips helping you to increase Followers. Some week ago, we published a blog of 6 Effective Strategies to increase Facebook Fanpage Interaction. If you care it, please visit our blog page.

Before going to the main part of the blog, we need have general knowledge. Why Twitter is one of the best social media you should use? As you know, Twitter is a social media channel including a short message for any information you can share such as news, entertainment, business, society..People can use it as a form of communicating with others. Twitter is a great tool, a good source of information helping us to be closer.

Here are some simple tips helping you to increase Followers!

#1.  Work on your profile

Make sure your profile is complete with an avatar and cover. It’s important that people know who you are and what you’re interested in. You should complete all necessary personal information or business, keep it friendly, and even add a few quirky (yet professional) comments because many people will read your Twitter bio before deciding whether to follow you. A good written bio can help you get much more followers than a poorly written bio.


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#2.  Post an effective Tweet

When you decide to post a tweet, you should pay attention to choose hot topics, useful subjects and news or share interesting links, stories, advices and practical experiences so that your followers will appreciate them highly and maybe favorite or retweet these tweets. The best way is that you should cover a variety of subject on your post. It include images, sound clips and videos.

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#3. Follow other people you like

This means that you can follow people with the same interests, hobbies, goals. Like so when you post tweets they will be interested and of course they will follow you right now, simple you and they are the same. Try to search personal or group with the same subjects, which is very useful and effective for increasing followers. In addition, you can follow these people followers, so that there might be a chance that their followers will start following you back. For example, we are Opal WordPress – specializing in developing outstanding wordpress themes, like so we can search some wordpress groups or famous people to follow them. Of course, these people can follow us if they see our tweet good.

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#4. Follow back your followers

Sometimes you will meet the case be “unfollow” by your followers only because you weren’t following them back. So it is very necessary to follow back to your followers to keep them up. Indeed, their thought is the same as yours, if you follow an other then he/she doesn’t follow you, in some cases you will unfollow. Like other social media sites, Twitter is a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of environment.

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#5. Use hashtags

Twitter was one of the first social platforms to introduce hashtags. When you post tweets, pay attention to include hashtags on Tweet will make it more effective and increase its visibility. So that more and more people will read your Tweet, which result you will get popular through your Tweet and people will start following you. Even you can use campaign specific hashtags – Create your own tweet community by using campaign, or even business specific hashtags. Promote these as a way for your customers to engage with you and others on Twitter. For example, if you’re running a Twitter contest, use a contest specific hashtag so everyone who enters can connect.


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#6. Ask for Retweet

It is essential for you whenever you post a tweet, ask people to retweet you will broaden your Twitter network very soon. You can include “RT” or “Retweet” at the end of your post. There (not all the time) can remind your followers that you want them to spread the word for you. Occasionally posting a link to an article on How to Retweet will also help your followers help you.

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#7. Tweet during rush hours

This is very important because if you don’t tweet in rush hours, well not literally rush hour, but throughout peak times, your posts pass very quickly and your followers won’t see them. Studies show that top Twitter activity usually takes place between 10:00 and 16:00pm. Tweeting during those hours will mean you greater visibility on your feed. However, the most active hour for people engaging in the twitter sphere is between 1pm and 2pm every day, so put down your sandwich and think of something interesting to say…. and no not about what sandwich filling you have gone for today.

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#8. Repeat your most popular tweets

Indeed, with the posts have many interactions from readers you can post again. Send them out again, at different times. Reword them to keep your Followers engaged. In case, some your followers have a chance to read those tweets again if they miss the last time.  However, you shouldn’t repeat at the same time, pay attention to make a distance from 2-3 days. Remember to update information in each article.

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#9. Interact with your Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a social tool so you need to be social. Status updates are good but interaction between people will have a greater effect. When other people follow you or even people you follow, it is necessary to interact with them. You not only post tweets but also you can favorite or retweet their tweets if you feel them interesting and impressive. As a result, you will lost followers and they appreciate your activities very high. Sometimes when you have great tweets, they will do like so with you.


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#10. Send a direct message to your new followers

Again, this makes your new followers feel like you listen and you care. You can send a thanks message “Thanks so much for following me” or “Hoping you will have nice tweets”. It is very hospitable and warmly. Your new followers will appreciate highly and remember you longer.

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In conclusion, Twitter is easy to use, only we pay attention a little we can get more followers. Here are only 10 simple tips Opal WordPress filters to share you. Hoping people loving Twitter can learn and improve their issues. You can read more Twitter on the Internet or other media. If you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment below we will answer them immediately. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get newest information!

Thanks so much!