How to improve your Linkedin Profile

Nowadays with the powerful technology informative development there are so many social networks available for us to choose such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+….Each channel has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it’s essential for you to consider choosing which ones are the best suitable for your business and worth your time and effort. For the blogs before, Opal WordPress spent time reviewing some social channels for your marketing like How to increase followers on Twitter, How to improve Facebook Fanpage, How to increase SEO with Google+…Today we will continue to take a little time to give some simple tips about How to improve your Linkedin Profile. Hoping you will read it and get basic knowledge to drive your marketing in a right way!

LinkedIn is a great place for businesses to find talent and publish high-quality, vetted content. Company Pages allow you to profile your business and show off content from your company website, blog, and other social media profiles. LinkedIn is one platform where thorough persona research is key, since most people are using it for networking and employment reasons. Your LinkedIn profile has two components: the profile that LinkedIn users can see, and the public profile anyone can see with a simple Internet search for your area of expertise, even if they’re not a LinkedIn user.

According to some statistics, about 28% of online adults are on LinkedIn, which is 23% of all adults. As expected, it’s very popular with users with a college education, who are employed, and who live in higher-income households. 50% of adults who graduated college use LinkedIn. From an engagement standpoint, 13% of LinkedIn members use the site daily.

The type of content you’ll share on LinkedIn is very different from what you’d post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Long-form articles, clean, professional copy, and useful infographics are all popular on LinkedIn. The goal is to put your (or your company’s) best foot forward and keep things polished and professional.

#1. Edit your profile setting

The first thing that is very necessary and important for you is you have to edit your profile setting immediately so that people can people can find your profile when they do a public search. You should complete enough of all items such as Summary, Education, Experience, Skills & Endorsements…or add Other Skills. The more detailed and clear your profile information is, the more highly appreciated it is. Therefore, you had better spend time looking after it carefully.


#2. Header Image

Your header image is a strong visual which you can use to display your personal brand, showcase your company, or simply to leave a first impression of who you just may be. Remember that visuals speak louder than words. The header image can be with the following dimensions: 1400 x 425 pixels, JPEG, PNG or GIF format, and under 4MB in size.


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#3. Profile Photo

It’s a digital, visual introduction to those who view your profile. You want to use a recent photo of you that is simple and professional, and more importantly gives off an impression of who you are. For example, you can put avatar of the company, products, services or personal picture. The best way is that you should put logo of your company. Like so people can know what you are doing. Somewhere they can see your logo and feel familiar with it. It is very common now in the digital world to do business online with someone you have never actually met face to face. The only image you have of them in your mind is that very photo.

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#4. Write a Summary

It contributes to your LinkedIn ranking and is also one of the first things people read. Create a clear picture of you and ‘your brand’. Look forward by describing your background, experience and skills in a way that highlights your potential for the types of roles you’d like to achieve in the future. Thanks to it, people can understand more about your work, your field and goal.

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#5. Skills & Endorsements

This part is quite important. The endorsements feature allows users to endorse on your skills listed in the Skill & Expertise block. It is optimum to have a maximum of 5 skills. The reason behind this, is the fact that specialization is the key to success. If you have too may skills, then may come up as someone general in everything – not a shining star in with specific skills, making you specialized. You consider your work, experience and skills to complete this part well and professionally. This is also the ruler for people to appreciate your profile background. Try to get more followers your skills and endorsements!


#6. Recommendation

A recommendation can be from colleagues, clients, vendors, or senior management. No personal relatives or friends. Only people you have worked with please. Try to gain recommendations for each role and aim to include a range of superiors, clients and colleagues since this will add credibility to your personal brand.

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#7. Update profile information

Pay attention to update your profile information regularly such as background picture, profile photo, refresh personal information if it changes. As a result, your customers or visitors feel interested with new changes and they will highly appreciate your work. Don’t put it a long time without caring, surely there are no many people viewing your profile.

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Above is all the tips to improve your Linkedin Profile. You can read and get useful knowledge if necessary. In the process of searching, you find a good way please leave a below comment or contact us directly via email or skype, we will update it immediately. Your suggestions are really meaningful and precious with us helping us to be more perfect. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get the newest information!

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