How to change color in WordPress Theme

Dear all customer’s.

Today, Opal Team will show with you how to change color in your theme.

This is question, that many customer’s ask our support to help us change color for us theme.

Let me give you a way to change.

ex: Theme strollik

You can see this theme Strollik
This theme has red color .


If you want to know , what code color used to in this theme, please enter F12 and view code to see code of color .

If you want to change color to another color as blue, please go to wp-content/themes/strollik/css/style.css and woocommerce.css

then open this file and find code color: #e43636  , next replace all color with your code color if you want to display.
next find the code color when hover : #c31a1a and replace by your code color

Or you can choose skin of strollik to change color:
In folder skin still have file style.css and woocommerce.css
You only change code of color in 2 folders.


After save it and review it.


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Thanks for your listening!