How To Build A More Trustworthy Website

Every online business when developing websites wishes to attract many visitors, increase sales, revenue and customer loyalty. To reach this big goal, they make great efforts to practice effective marketing strategies to advertise brand such as offering promotion, creating many contests and donating community volunteer programs, etc. However, there is an important not all people know is that whether their website is really trustworthy or not? Make customers satisfied? Customers to your website will determine to stay or leave within 30 seconds. Therefore to keep their feet staying with your website, it is crucial that you must be more powerful to do difference for your website. Today, Opal WordPress will share you a helpful blog “How To Build A More Trustworthy Website”. Hoping you will realize the lacks and improve your website more professional in viewer’s eye.

#1. Build clear and concise content

The first factor you should care is to build clear and concise content for your website. It is the first impression attracting viewers to the website. They will look quickly and if your topic is not good and meaningful, surely they will log out immediately. So to keep them staying longer, you need to prepare carefully every field of the content before publishing such as topic, content, image, link…Moreover, the content must be clear and concise not too long, complex and obscure if not readers will feel annoyed with the words in the writing. Remember to check spelling and grammar errors in the writing. It is very easy to make mistakes even if you have exceptional copywriting skills. Even the smallest of typos or grammatical errors can result in loss of credibility and trust in your business.


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#2. Get a professional web design

Indeed, web design is a face of a website and viewers will care what this website say, which topic. A website with a professional style of design surely makes a great impression on reader’s heart. They will be attracted by beautiful images, color schemes, skins, layouts and homepage. If you update new design trends it builds a steady belief on visitors. As a result, they will appreciate your website very high. Noticing that with web design, it’s about the details. Everything matters, and nothing should be overlooked. If you are not technically inclined, hire a good web design firm. Besides, you can read about Ecommerce Design Trends you can ignore 2015 to update the latest trends.

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#3. Display Customer Testimonials

Companies frequently post testimonials from happy customers. Testimonials build trust by showing that other people have used and recommended the company’s product. The more customer testimonials your website has the higher it is appreciated and of course, its level of trustworthiness will be better.

Sprout Social places the testimonials near the bottom of their homepage. The placement doesn’t matter very much because they are still in a prominent position. These testimonials serve as another “building block” to build Sprout Social’s reputation.


#4. Show social media following

It is necessary for you to show social media following on your website, which will make readers feel its belief. Many brands put a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ widget on their homepage to showcase how many fans and followers they have. To the visitor, this lends the business some credibility because it shows that other people like and trust them. The website having more followers will be more trustworthy than others. Remember to create impressive and “easy to see” social buttons on your website so that visitors can click on them easily.

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#5. Show years of experience

In this profile of company, you should show its years of experience, fill enough personal information not leave a blank. Companies that show years of experience instill trust in visitors by asserting that they are experts in their field. It signals that they’ve been trusted by thousands of customers and have a leg up on the competition because they have knowledge that is attainable only through years of experience.

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#6. Make sure your website is up to date

Be sure that all of the information on your website in regards to shipping, contact information, product information and more is all up to date. Take some time to go through product descriptions, as well as old blog posts to ensure that there isn’t any outdated information that may be misleading to a customer. They don’t like when accessing a website with an old content long time ago. Searching customer is difficult, keeping them stay longer is more difficult. Therefore, you should pay attention to update main contents not to miss potential customers.

#7. Display Full Contact Details

It is one of the main factors contributing to the trustworthiness of your business. Consumers look for your company’s full address with phone numbers, physical office location, email address, social accounts etc. Get all contact details in separate ‘contact us’ page. In some cases, enterprises are afraid that their personal information will be revealed and published, normally they only give some general information such as name, address of company, page..However, you give more detailed contact, customers will highly appreciate and surely want to come back again. Simply, our customers are also intelligent and alert, they are very sacred to be cheated.

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In conclusion, these are basic tips to create a trustworthy ecommerce store or business website. You only pay a little attention, your website will drive in a right way. There are many other ways to improve trustworthiness of website, you can read more on the Internet to enrich your knowledge. Timely improvement will help to build customers’ faith in your business. Don’t hurry, step by step make a plan to build a professional website! Opal WordPress hopes that the blog of “How To Build A More Trustworthy Website” will give you some simple ways to improve your website better. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get latest information.

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