Elementor 3.0 Issues Announcement | Stay Version Elementor 2.9.9


elementor 3.0 issues reinstall 2.9.9

Deal all Valued Customers!

All our Elementor themes already supports to build your content & website easily and gains lot of your positive feedback and satisfaction. Hence, in the update Elementor 3.x, it may be occurred¬† troubles with our themes. Please be calm and don’t be hurry. Just wait for Elementor fix and our update. We are contacting with Elementor and focus priority on the update. The process can be done in recent next days.

During the time for waiting new improvements, if your site is business, you should:

  1. Due to BETA Version, not FINAL update, so please use the nearest version 2.9.9 Elementor for your website. Don’t be hurry to update new version 3.x
  2. If your site is updated with version 3.x with troubles, please reinstall Elementor verion 2.9.9 and install it. For this Elementor version, your site can work normally.

Navigate to Elementor -> Tools: At the tab ” Version control” click to “Roll back version: Reinstall v2.9.9

reinstall elementor wordpress 2.9.x

If you need any our support, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to support you soon.

We are sorry about the inconvenience and need your understandings. We efforts our best to update theme. And they will be coming soon. When they ‘re done, we will notify you.