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Rentex is Real Estate WordPress Theme holding a high standard of quality. The template is designed for selling or renting real estate agents, agency residential & commercial developers, vacation rentals, flat, brokerages, apartment managers, house, apartment, villa, realtor, single property and so much more.

Rentex is installed with uListing Property Plugin for WordPress. It comes with lot of functionalities features for listings. This blog will guide the best way to “Create Listing Rentex Theme Ulisting Plugin”. 

Here are details steps:

  • Set permalinks
  • Add listing type
  • Add Listing

Note: To use uListing plugin in Rentex, you have to set permalink:

Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks -> Choose Postname

set permalinks rentex real estate wordpress theme

I. Listing Type for real estate

Listing type called as a property of real estate website. You can add multiple listing type for real estate website. It is as Office, House, Villa, Resort, …

Thanks to integrating uListing real estate plugin in Rentex, you can create listing types with attributes, status, …

create listing real estate rentex listing types

1. Add New Listing Type:

Click “Add new” to add new listing type:

rentex add new listing type


add new listing types rentex

Fill all information for listing type and publish: Title, description, layout of listing types.

Listing Type Layout: 

You have to set attribute, search forms, listing order, preview item, single page, inventory layout, … for listing type.

By using uListing plugin, you can drag n drop available attributes for listing type you want to show as in “Used attribute”. If there is no attribute for your settings. You can click “Add new attribute”.


create listing real estate use ulisting for listing type

or on the Dashboard -> Listing Types -> Attributes

Add New attribute: Fill title, Name, Affix, Type, Icon & Image and “Save”.

add new attribute rentex real estate wp theme

Edit/Delete Listing Attribute

Choose the listing attribute you want to edit/delete. Click “Edit” and update more information.

edit delete listing attributes rentex

2. Edit/Delete Listing Types:

Open Listing Types: You will see all listing types in Rentex. Click to “Edit” or “Trash” as you want.


edit delete listing type rentex

II. Listings

On the Dashboard -> Navigate to “Listings”:

rentex listing management

1. Add New Listing

On Rentex Dashboard -> Listings -> Add New:

add new listing real estate rentex

Add title, description and use uListing to create content for listing

2. Edit/Delete/View Listing

There are 3 choice for Listing.

  • Edit Listing: If you want to make any changes for listing, click on “Edit” and update
  • Delete Listing:
  • View Listing

edit delete listing real estate rentex

3. Listing Category

3.1 Add New Listing Category

add new listing category wordpress theme rentex

3.2 Edit/delete listing category

edit delete listing category rentex

After all, click “Save” for all changes.

4. Listing Region

4.1 Add New Listing Region

add new region for listing rentex

4.2 Edit/Delete Region

On each region of listing, there are available 3 options for edit region as Edit, Quick edit & Delete.

edit delete region for ulisting rentex

III. Pricing Plan

For a real estate marketplace, by using Rentex, you can create the different pricing plan for agent and agency sell the listings on the website.

1. Add New Pricing Plan

Dashboard -> Pricing Plans -> Add New Plan

Fill pricing name, price, Plan Payment Type, Plan Type, Plan Price , Listing Limit, Duration, Status

add new pricing plan ulisting rentex

2. Manage Pricing Plan

Manage all pricing plan. Here you can edit or delete easily. Edit & Trash pricing plan

edit pricing plan for listing rentex

IV. Settings for Listing Types:

rentex listing type settings

Detail settings for uListing Plugin:

  1. Main Setting

rentex ulisting plugin settings

Currency Settings:

  • Currency
  • Position Currency
  • Thousands Separator
  • Decimal Separator
  • Number of characters after integer

Map Settings

  • Choose your map
  • Enter API key
  • Show info-window on map by hover

uListing Shortcode

  • Categories show at most
  • Featuresd Listings show at most
  • Region List


  • Remobe database tables on Uninstalling uListing plugin


  • Wishlist link shortcode

2. Pages Settings

Account page

Account endpoints

  • Edit account
  • My plans
  • Payment history
  • My listing
  • Saved searches
  • My card


  • Add listing

Pricing plan

  • Pricing plan

Listing Type page

  • Cars
  • Buildings
  • Rentex Listing Type


  • Compare page


  • Wishlist page

3. Inventory Layout Settings

By using Rentex real estate WordPress theme, there are available a wide range of inventory layouts.

rentex inventory layout settings for real estate

4. Payment Settings

Choose payment for listings:

rentex ulisting settings payment create listing real estate

5. Rentex Settings

ulisting setting in rentex settings - create listing real estate

View more at these following video:

Here are all steps to Create Listing Real estate WordPress by using uListing plugin in Rentex Theme. Hope that helps your installation well.

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