How to Add Instagram to WordPress Website (Easy + Simple)

add instagram feed to wordpress qos themeBeing launching since 2010, Instagram gains a marvellous users ( personal and business)( millions of users on the world). The helpful platform to increase in brands to cultivate your content, showcase interesting product or inspire your passion to audience. Besides, by using Instagram for business, you can grow the brand aweness & introduce for your products. That’s one of the best marketing solution to promote business in a friendly, authenic and approach customers directly for Free. It’s the reason why almost Online shop containing with Instagram.

Therefore, is Instagram important, isn’t it? And you know the way to add Instagram for your website? Don’t worry about this. Here we will guide detail tutorial How to Add Instagram Account for WordPress by using Instagram Feed Plugin ?

For example: We will add instagram to the QOS theme.

Demo without instagram:

This tutorial “Add Instagram Feed for Your WordPress” includes:

  • Install & Activate Instagram Plugin for WordPress
  • Connect & Settings for Plugin with Your Instagram Account
  • Embed Instagram shortcode to WordPress
  • View how it display on Frontend

Because QOS Fashion theme is built with Elementor. So this tutorial, we  will guide detail steps to Add Instagram on Elementor WordPress Theme.

Get start!

1. Install & Activate Instagram Feed Plugin – Smash Ballon Social Photo Feed

On the Dashboard -> Add new plugin -> Search “Instagram Feed” and choose Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed -> Install then Activate

install activate instagram feed wordpress plugin

2. Connect Instagram Account with Instagram Feed plugin

After installing Instagram Feed plugin, go to Instagram Feed -> Setting:

setting instagram feed wordpress

Then you will see the settings of Instagram Feed:

Connect an Instagram Account with Instagram Feed Plugin:

Click “Connect an Instagram account” to connect.

connect an instagram account with WordPress

Choose Personal/Business for Instagram Account -> Connect

set instagram account as business personal

And choose “Continue”. 

connect wpopal instagram account to instagram feed

When connecting successfully, you will see the following notification.

connect successfully wpopal instagram with instagram feed plugin

III. Add Instagram Feed to WordPress ( with Elementor)

On the WordPress website, you may see Instagram feed on the Homepage, Post or Sidebar. So this post will show detail way to Add Instagram Feed to Elementor WordPress using Shortcode

  • Adding a Instagram Feed on WordPress Homepage ( using Elementor)
  • Add Instagram Feed on Post
  • Adding Instagram Feed on Sidebar

To get Instagram shortcode, scroll “Instagram Feed setting” to Display your feed, copy the shortcode [instagram-feed]

copy instagram feed shortcode

1. Add Instagram Feed on WordPress Homepage ( using Elementor)

Choose the homepage then “Edit” with Elementor:

Search “Shortcode” element from Elementor then Drag – drop to the section ( to add Instagram)

Edit the number of image in Instagram Post on homepage:

Instagram Feed -> Setting -> Customize:

adding instagram feed on homepage wordpress elementor

Customize Instagram Feed 

customize instagram feed wordpress

And Display Instagram Feed:

display instagram feed on WordPress

2. Adding Instagram Feed on Post

It’s same way with Homepage that is created with Elementor. If you want to add instagram feed for post, you can do:

  • Add new Widget with Elementor
  • Drag n drop shortcode element to widget

add instagram feed on WordPress post

After saving, you can see how it display on frontend.

display instagram feed on post

3. Adding Instagram Feed on Sidebar WordPress

Choose the sidebar you want to add Instagram feed. For example: We will add Instagram Feed to Blog sidebar:

Navigate to Appearance -> Widget -> Then drag n drop Instagram Feed to Blog sidebar:

add instagram feed on sidebar WordPress

Then choose ‘Done”

instagram feed with sidebar display

This is the end of tutorial How to Add Instagram Feed to WordPress (Elementor)“. Hope that it helps well.

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