8 Marketing Trends 2017 Businesses Need to Know

Life and technology grow and modern up every day. Thanks to technology, a global market has been created with the competition on the same playing field of the “big guys” and small businesses. And marketing is always considered as a core part of every business. In 2017, online marketing is expected to continue to play an important role in growing the size of the business and increasing brand recognition. User behavior is different and higher, getting new marketing trends will help your business reach the desired number of customers. In fact, there’s room for revenue everywhere for the budding entrepreneur, but not all opportunities are created equal.

To maximize your returns from marketing, here are “8 Marketing Trends 2017  Businesses Need to Know” WPOPAL will share with you as you are open-hearted and have irresistible wish to start your marketing journey! Spend 5 minutes to read and gain some useful information for your business!

1, Focus on the customer experience

A successful business always has the contribution of two main factors: product and customer. If you already have a good product then the next question is how to get customers and make them happy with your products or services. In marketing, whether in any field, focus on the user experience is always the focus. When placing customer in the central marketing campaigns, efficiency and digital conversions will be very positive. According to the Econsultancy / Adobe B2B Digital Trends 2016-2017 report, 97% of B2B Marketers feel that optimising the customer journey across multiple touch points is either very or quite important. This year’s 2017 forecast has a common thread – everything will be based on the customer experience, the key watchword of 2017. This year will focus on new solutions that improve the business user experience, including intelligent apps which make it easier to perform everyday tasks in the office. Technologies, such as virtual personal assistants, security solutions and marketing solutions, will deliver this new level of business user functionality by incorporating cognitive learning and robotic process automation. Most of the world’s largest companies will use intelligent solutions to improve the experience of the business user in the coming year.

2, Take advantage of IoT’s power

For a few years now, the IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most important elements of any future technology forecast. Actually, IoT has formed in the present and is the driving force of all technological achievements.

Gartner forecasts that by the end of 2020 there will be 25 billion Internet-connected items. Cisco forecasts double: there will be 50 billion Internet-connected items by the end of 2020. “Items” can be anything people use. All widgets have the ability to become “smart” when connected to the Internet, just as humans! If we make the right use of technology and data, IOT will help us reach our customers best.

3, Social Media Marketing

We need to change our way of thinking about social media. Often, brands use social media to market content that is very generic – and this type of content is often ignored. Social media should be more personalized, and it is not too hard to do. It will be more necessary than ever to spend your time and resources developing something that is really valuable and highly interactive to your customers. Discard quantity-focused strategies and focus on producing less but better quality, promising reusable content. Infographic, blog post, and visualization tools for branding purposes are great ways to build formal content. This content is easily broken up and used in various ways the following week or month after.

Developing content that customers want to read is a priority. If a company publishes something that is not special or even boring, it will lead to being classified as a nuisance. A good secret in this case is to create a content strategy and schedule to control what kind of content will be most effective for the customer.

We all know how big social platforms are, but mobile-only social apps continue to rise in popularity. Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and others should be part of your mobile marketing strategy. Make sure you’re always monitoring your social channels (either live or via social listening tools) and tailoring your message accordingly.

Don’t post the same content at the same time across all platforms. This leads to message fatigue and is the quickest way to lose subscribers. Connect with your followers by posting in-the-moment pictures and video that reflects your brand philosophy, experiences and attitude.

4, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a set of methods for optimizing a website to become Search Engine friendly from which to improve the ranking of the website when users search with related keywords. For businesses doing business on the Internet, the battle for a high position on the search engine rankings is extremely important.People are searching everyday and just looking at the first page of results. So if a customer is looking for your product and you are accidentally placed on the second page, it is unlikely visitors will visit your site.

Google uses more than 200 criteria to determine the rank in which web pages are found and its algorithms are always a big secret. However, these elements can be arranged into two groups: the elements within the website (content, structure) and the elements outside the website (blacklink, traffic). Understanding SEO will help you bring your product closer to your customers than ever before.

5, Invest Video Content

Obviously, people prefer to watch rather than read. All content marketing efforts are going to be directed to video. Video is beginning to dominate the world of digital content.

Content is King, this is never wrong. Content is the core of every social content, marketing campaign, review, blog, magazine content, eBook, etc. And Video Content will be the leading trend in 2017. On the road of intense marketing, brands that fail to incorporate visual and video effects will be left behind in the race. If you haven’t created your own video strategy yet, it’s time. Prospects are expecting it, social media platforms are boosting it, and businesses of all sizes are using it to get real, measurable results. Marketers will need to adapt and create their videos for autoplay, keeping their silent viewers sitting in the doctor’s office or on the subway in mind. If you want your videos to succeed, it’s important to use captions and on-screen graphics to grab your viewers by the eyeballs and communicate your message — even without sound.

Keep in mind: When you need to control the message during a crisis, create a video and avoid the media “spin” by getting your message out first.

6, Influencer marketing

Kết quả hình ảnh cho influencer marketing trends 2017

In 2016, 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in some capacity, 94% of whom found it effective, according to a recent Linqia survey of 170 marketers. As a result, marketers are doubling down on their influencer marketing efforts in 2017, increasing their budgets to include the tactic as a strategic piece of their overall marketing mix.

Influencer marketing exploded in 2016, but it will be all-encompassing in 2017. Are you prepared?

Influence marketing is arguably a multi-million-dollar industry by now. Investing in a select few who can reach out to buyers more competently than others has proven to pay off quite well in the long run.

Influencer marketing is a way to use social influencers to market to your target audience. Influential people will spread their impact to the amount of fans available on social media channels with pre-compiled or self-styled content. Influence marketing forecasts will explode next year. Consumers use and trust the social credentials of the brand and the product. If someone’s idol introduces the product, he will tend to believe and want to use more than when reading an email marketing or direct advertising from a brand.

Even if your business has limited online marketing budgets, you can still negotiate and build relationships with influencers without the need for money as payment to them. For moderators, give them some incentives such as reaching your existing customers or appearing on company web sites.

7, Prioritize mobile devices

It will not be a surprise if the launch of mobile marketing takes the lead in online marketing overview in 2017. Everything from company website to email marketing campaign needs to be set form for mobile device. Not only that, mobile device optimization needs to be more focused than desktop. Most people are browsing websites, reading emails and surfing social networks on mobile media. In 2017, you must find ways to reach the customer’s current location and change the style accordingly. You’ll increase your interactions and conversion rates by providing mobile-friendly content. For this strategy, even our work we also apply it onto our design and development themes. All our great WordPress Themes being sold on Themeforest are completely Fully Responsive on all electronic devices such as smartphone, Iphone, Ipad, Laptop, Computer..

8, Tell the story

A basic principle for good writing is “to show, not tell” (tell them a story instead of simply talking about your product). The descriptive language will outline the scene that readers can visualize the ideas and stories you are trying to convey. It becomes an interactive experience rather than “digest” the passive content. More than ever, using storytelling to attract potential customers and keep loyal customers is a requirement for every brand. The basic idea is to connect with your users by letting them peep into your life. If you are an entrepreneur, share daily stories on interesting stuff happening within your office. Make sure that it also adds some sort of value to your target audience.

Today’s customers are “more difficult” and more selective, they do not want to receive the ads too direct and excessive drag. Instead, create a story that is enough to make the consumer listen to the brand in the most natural way possible. This storytelling will require a lot of Instagram posts because it makes the followers have to return to your Instagram page several times to read the whole story. For ages, storytelling has been the most powerful communication tool known to man. But science has shown us recently that storytelling actually engages our brains and taps into our emotions better than anything else. When you can weave stories into your videos and marketing material, you’re more likely to spark emotion and hold people’s attention more effectively.

The story is always more memorable than the ads

That’s what consumers want to get from companies in 2017.

In conclusion, Marketing is a form of communicating with consumers in the hopes of selling them a product or service. However, it’s often a complicated dance of finding new and exciting ways to entice customers. We hope that you can find this article helpful and can help marketers create carefully coordinated campaigns and conversations where brands and consumers coalesce into a shared experience. Of course this article is not the whole but WPOpal hopes that this precious list can help you shape what your business needs to capture in order to entering the marketing race. Please take time to enjoy and experience the interest! We also will update the hottest trends in the near future.

Thanks for reading!