7 Online Marketing Trends 2015

The year 2014 passed away and welcome 2015 with many luckiness and successes, it is time that businesses are making a perfect plan & strategies to be ready to struggle 2015. Surely there are many questions put for businesses  about the trend, goal and solutions in 2015. One of the important methods contributed in the development and building process of label is Marketing Strategies. Today we would like to share 7 Online Marketing Trends 2015 so that enterprises will focus on content, increase presence on social media and improve email marketing and advertisement naturally. Hoping that they will be the best tool to direct you in a right way and get a lot of great successes.

1.  Optimizing the mobile devices more important than ever

7 online marketing trends 2015

Optimizing cutomer’s experience on mobile becomes a priority of businesses in 2014. However, 2015 will be the mobile strategy year with many great applications for customers. Enterprises will focus optimization on content on it and increase marketing on social channels.

Google always stresses on the importance of mobile layout friendly with users. They confirmed the ability of using the mobile that relates to the SEO results. This is clearly demonstrated by the recent launch of Mobile Usability – a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools. This tool will indicate the problems about the capability of using your mobile  to your website. From that you can find solutions and solve them so as to improve  user’s mobile experience when access to the website.

2. The cost of advertising on social media will increase significantly

7 online marketing trends 2015

In the beginning of 2014, Facebook published the revenues from advertising increased by 10% compared with the previous quarter. When Facebook limits the amount of accessible articles on the fanpage and the content, paid advertisement  will increase if businesses still maintain the traffic and revenue from social media.

As a result, businesses see the positive achievements from their investment on social media such as increasing traffics and visitors. Paid advertisements contribute quite much on this result. So nowadays, they invest more and more on these marketing strategies to get business goals faster.

3. Marketing content becomes popular

7 online marketing trends 2015

According to The Report of Standard Marketing Content B2B of MarketingProf about 92% companies said that they used this way last year and 42 %  identified this strategy was effective ( up  from 36% in 2013).

When enterprises see the benefit of marketing content, the estimated  cost for the search engines such as PPC, SEO and social media will be reallocated to this form. Businesses are also ready to invest into the mobile content by creating a short content so that users can read on the mobile easily, which is more useful. They can read everywhere and everywhen they want.

4. Email Marketing is more interested

7 online marketing trends 2015

Nowadays when social networks are more limited  the access of users with business, the search engines are making difficulties for companies by increasing the complexity of ranking algorithms, businesses will come back with the kind of marketing they can fully control – Email Marketing. When the distance between  email marketing and marketing content will be increasingly blurred.

When the companies realized the value of marketing content, they will find the way to arrange email content suitably to avoid duplication. One method is to reuse the email content available as PDF files can be downloaded.

In 2015, the brands will start to realize the need to make a difference with competitors when saying email marketing. The report 2014 of HubSpot saw that the frequency of customers buying products or service via email reduces significantly. Therefore, enterprises need to use the creative strategies based on building relationships with customers rather than just trying to sell quickly.

5. The boundary between SEO and Marketing Content  and Social Media  will be fainter

7 online marketing trends 2015

Many people say that Content Marketing is a form of new SEO. This description also exacts partly. SEO and Content Marketing will continue to exist separately, but support each other to develop together longer. Content marketing affects much to the ability of searching. The businesses that don’t invest content well will realize  the SEO strategies are not efficient.

SEO is considered a branch of Online Marketing, related to the technology such as finding keywords, goals. On the other hand, social media will be the bridge connecting more efficiently. Therefore, many business will focus on investing content than before. Opal wordpress also published a blog of 7 Tips to Optimize The Content of Blog to help you in the process of writing blog. Hope it will be helpful for authors.

6. Building the label  has the ability of interacting with users

7 online marketing trends 2015

When social media are more and more popular, business will realize that their customers use these channels to interact with other individuals not the brands and the advertisements they see. This strategy will be the factor creating success for the companies. Surely, in the long term it will bring many benefits for them and create a position in the customer’s heart.

7. The companies will find a new way to advertise naturally and suitably

7 online marketing trends 2015

When the ratios of clicking on your ad clients decreased steadily in the past few years, businesses realized that banner ads are really effective in increasing revenue. With the increasing popularity of natural advertisement ( native ad), the companies and content publisher will constantly seek new ways to integrate advertising into a normal content. Surely, 2015 will be a plentiful year with many new challenges and strategies to build brands. According to it, the ad contents will be more attentive and display main contents, which make it more attractive and qualified.

In conclusion, the 2015 will put many new challenges and difficulties for businesses and Marketing strategies are more important. They invest more money into building the system of marketing effectively so that they can get many achievements, keep a position on the business marketing. Surely, each company will have particular strategy about marketing, however, we only give 7 Online Marketing Trends in 2015 with a view to sharing experience and new intentions 2015. If you are interested in them, follow and enjoy them. We will update new information regularly, so remember to follow us on social media!

Thanks so much!