7 effective ways help you to increase traffic to your blog

7 effective ways help you to increase traffic to your blog

For every business, having a blog is very important, it drives traffic to your website and build better relationships with your customers. Blog is a powerful bridge helping your website closer to your visitors and it is the central point of all your social media marketing. In some cases, blogs makes readers understand more about the content of your website. However, not all blogs written are qualified and effective, many writers and bloggers feel headache for this problem. They always put a blog question “Why their blog is not effective  and  How to increase traffic to the blog?”. There are many ways to improve this and today Opal WordPress will share you “7 effective ways help you to increase traffic to your blog”. Hoping they will be useful helping you to get more visitors to your website.

#1. Optimize the content

The first way we want you to follow is to optimize the content. This is very necessary that requires you to concentrate so much on preparing good knowledge about the fields of blog and SEO tips. For example, you need to write an attractive title. Indeed, the title of your post is the most important part of your blog, potential reader will decide to read the posts or not depending on the power of your title. A good example of attractive titles the ones that start with lists of how to because they will give a clear message to what they will keep going to read. Then you should learn basic SEO tips to optimize the content. You can install SEO plugins for your website. From that they will help your blog SEO better.

Key factors make your website more appealing

#2. Define your audience

The most important question a blogger can themselves is, Who is going to read my blog? Focus your content on what your blog is based on. Then carefully consider your target audience and address that audience directly. If you write what they want to read it’s quite likely that they’ll recommend your content to their peers. If you don’t define the audience for your blog, sometimes you will drive your writing in a wrong way. As a result, readers will feel confused to be continue following. Therefore, you should pay attention to write right topic, right audience.

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#3. Insert photos and videos to your blog

Photos and videos are very important in your posts. It’s not only make it richer and more visually appealing, but it also good for the search engine, use the ALT and the Title tag in the image to include the keyword of your post. This will boost SEO to your blog. In addition, videos of themes tutorials, introductions or tips will help viewers to understand more about the content of your blog. Don’t complete a blog without inserting any photos or videos.


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#4. Add social sharing buttons

Add the sharing button for major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Youtube..to your blog. This will make it easy for your readers to spread the world. These social buttons will shorten a distance between blogs and readers. The audience will quickly feel the soul of the blogs. From that if they love them, they will help you to share it on their social networks. Make sure to add them at the top and bottom of your post. Now this ways are being used popularly in each blog. Before Opal WordPress published an useful blog of 6 Effective Strategies to increase Facebook Fanpage Interaction. If you have time, please visit it and get more knowledge.

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#5. Make it easy to share

After you add social sharing buttons on your blog, it is time for you to share them. However, you need to make it easy to share to get more visitors. You concentrate main social channels to share the posts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube… And social signals from Facebook and Twitter now correlate very strongly with good rankings in Google’s index. That means it’s definitely worthwhile to make your great content as easy to share as possible. Focus on highly visible share buttons (websites that include social sharing buttons generate 7 times more mentions than those that don’t!), optimized meta descriptions. The text you use when you share to social networks can play a big role, too. Performing some A/B testing like so on your social media “headlines” can improve your viral performance.


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#6. Advertising

This way is very essential and effective, it always helps to get the word out about your blog. Now there are 2 main types of advertising: free and paid.

Free Advertising

There are ways to advertise your blog without paying to do so. For instance, word of mouth through social media. Obviously there are monetary benefits to doing this. If you don’t already have one, get a profile set up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ – these are all free.

Getting involved in various groups that specialize in the topic that is being addressed on your blog is a great way to get free advertising. If you share other people’s posts through a few quick clicks on Twitter your own content may well be shared in turn.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be costly. There are 3 key types of paid digital advertising

  1. Search engine advertising (such as Google Adwords)
  2. Advertising on Social Media with Facebook ads
  3. Banner advertising on other websites or blogs

Anyway, you should mix 2 types of advertising for your blog. In each period, case we use which type best effectively.

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#7. Promote your past posts

People are not looking to their social media at the same time, you may post something to twitter and people may not read it at the first time, you can retweet your old posts and promote theme again, people don’t care about the date of the post as long as content is attractive. Write more in your blog and update your blog at twice a week. Search engines like Google, give higher priority to the website with fresh content. Of course, readers will don’t like if your post is out of date, remember to refresh your content regularly. This will be good and effective for your blogs.

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In conclusion, blog is very important to your website. Focus on main fields of blog to develop and improve them better. Hoping that “7 effective ways help you to increase traffic to your blog” will be a good friend helping you during the process of writing. Finally, have fun with your blogs and enjoy them. The passion and joy will drive success to your posts.  If you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment below we will answer them immediately. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to get newest information!

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