5 Social Media Marketing Trends Boomed 2015

The development of Ecommerce involves a new war in the online media, a series of marketing tools are created to serve this war. Especially we mention Social Media Marketing despiste just appearing not a long time it has proven the great effectiveness it brings. What does it mean? Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing and advertising based on the spread of information, photos, video…on social networking such as Facebook, Youtube, Google +…through the interaction of users to share and comment. The new year is the time we look back at the previous year’s trends that will affect to the trends of this year. For Marketers, 2015 will be more interactive than individual customers with more accurately effective measure tools and the time of rapid growth of social media marketing on mobile devices. In this article, we will predict and show “5 Social Media Marketing Trends Boomed 2015. Hoping you can see its importance of the issue and choose the most suitable trend for your marketing strategies.

1. Video Marketing

The year of 2014 has seen many strides in the form of video marketing, a series of vlogger was born, the advertising clips with new & meaningful content. And this year, surely Video Marketing will develop any more. According to the statistics show that video receives 267% of links more than normal posts, while only 20% of viewers read text content is 4 times than that of the same video content. Users also remember 58% of the image content while they only remember 10% of the read content. These figures have proved that the powerful strength of video marketing in attracting the attention of users and show that the current trend of using image instead of letters will bring more effective.

2. Blog

Some years ago, at the time when the social networking has not developed it is time for blog to shine powerfully in the online community. In this first period, blog is only the place for members to share private thoughts or keep memories. When Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…appeared blog quickly lost popularity because of the ability of its unlimited connection. However in recent years, we can see the golden light of blog getting back and becoming an useful marketing tool for businesses. According to the research of Hubspot about 60% of businesses owning blog collect the number of customer better than those not using it. Blog helps their website to increase SEO and Google ranks quickly.

3. Facebook

In fact, nobody can deny the popularity as well as the importance of facebook in life. Especially in business facebook becomes a true friend helping us to market, advertise products to all people in the fastest way. Really, facebook is no longer a great man smiling with online business or no need more capital. If old days they easily created a fanpage for business, attracting the attention of people and post ads to implement the marketing strategies, then now everything changes. The number of approaching articles will decline from 20% to 6 % if you don’t pay fee for facebook to advertise the pose. Everything starts difficult with online business. The trend of paying fee for advertising begins arose not only Facebook but also other websites.

4. Other new social media marketing

Facebook is no longer smiling that does not mean that everything refuses to online business. Now there are many emerging social media marketing allow you to advertise free such as Instagram, Zalo, Viber…although the number of users is not equal to facebook. However, their advantages are attentive by many people. Not only free advertisements, these social media marketing are simply, easy to use and more intuitive, brings usefulness for both buyers and sellers.

5. Hash-Tag

Listening the name ” Hash-tag” anyone will think it is new and strange to users. However, Hash tag like a form of tag link on social media, not only ordinary users use but also businesses put them into your marketing strategies as a way of increasing brand alignment and interaction with customers. In 2014 many marketing programs of big enterprises have achieved considerable success in applying Hash-tag, promising a booming year with this marketing form.

This is only “5 Social Media Marketing Trends Boomed 2015” predict that they will develop in 2015 based on the collected result in 2014. However, nobody can know exactly how the future will be, maybe there are some social media marketing emerged and storm on the market. Please follow our social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, we will update latest information!

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