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5 Mistakes in SEO On-Page Making Website Not To The Top

SEO or Search Engie Optimization is understood to be the optimized technology helping your website to have higher ranking than other naturally search results. As a result, your website will attract much more people accessing it when they search on Search Engine and specially Google is the most popular tool. And SEO is one of the important tasks in the process of advertising companies’s brand to everyone. However, not all people know how to do it well and sometime they meet some problems even they can’t solve and know why. Before, Opal WordPress also shares many SEO tips and today we continue to introduce you the article “5 Mistakes in SEO On-Page Making Website Not To The Top“. Hoping it will be very useful and essential for SEOers and writers, helping partly to improve the quality of writings and increase the google ranking in the near future.

#1. The structure of website is poor

website structure

The first mistake you usually meet is the poor structure website. Besides making website easy to get Google index, a website must have good structure, useful for user (UX or User Experience). This means that categories and linking structure have to be arranged scientifically, suitably and fully. However, not all people know and do it well, they think simply and still meet this problem. So right now, you should see your website immediately and check it is suitable, scientific? How are the main categories and sub categories arranged?We quickly improve this mistake as soon as possible so that your website can be optimized faster.

#2. URL is not SEO standard


URL not SEO standard is URL containing special characters or technical parameters. Similar with the website structure this is an important factor affecting to the keyword ranking on Google. And URl not SEO standard is a serious mistake of SEO On-Page. Therefore, it is necessary for you to makee URL SEO standard, contains keywords, linkings and easy for readers to search.

#3. Title tag is optimized poorly

Title is an important ranking factor affecting SEO your keywords. Putting keywords in title tag means that you inform Google and users to see the reference between what you write and what they receive. Many people miss this and the result is not as high as they wish at first. Sometime Google considers it Spam and they will punish these website. To improve this mistake, you need to do research keywords carefully before optimizing title. Keyword you choose must refer to the webpage you want to optimize.

#4. The loading speed of page is slow

The slow loading speed of page is an important factor affecting directly to its rank on SERPs. A website with the slow loading speed will miss you many potential customers and benefits from them. This factor is more and more attentive, people invest many energy, money into searching and optimizing the website speed as much as possible. Now there are many ways to solve this problem such as pushing CSS and JavaScripts, minimize the image size, optimize browser cache (2 good plugins: W3 Total cache, WP Super Cache) or use Google insight to check this.

#5. Duplicate Content

The final mistake Opal WordPress wants to share is Duplicate Content. This problem is quite popular because in the process of writing many authors don’t pay attention or ignore this issue but it will affect very much to the google ranking, not help your website to the high position. In fact, when you search many websites and see similar contents, surely you will appreciate the content is poor and quickly close this window. As a result, you will miss many customers and profits. So, it is essential for you to renew contents and write qualified articles, quickly push it to the top google. Besides, you can read and follow the writings of the famous websites to learn and get experiences. Surely in the near future, you will be pro like them.

In conclusion, SEO On-Page is extremely important to each website. We need consider and check our website, help them to optimize SEO and quickly reach to the Top google. Hoping that the article “5 Mistakes in SEO On-Page Making Website Not To The Top” will partly help you to understand more about SEO on-page and its importance. From that we can fix the mistakes ourselves, improve the quality of writings and get more benefits from SEO standard websites. Moreover, you can read more a qualified blog of The importance of Google Ranking Factors to get knowledge about SEO. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to update the newest information!

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