15 Necessary Factors Appreciate a Qualified Backlink

Optimizing SEO to help your ranking to the highest top in search engine is an important part in your SEO campaign. Besides the Onpage works, building Backlink in Offpage is an essential step in the process of ranking keyword to the highest position. Therefore, how to identify a qualified link helping SEO keypworks in the best way. Today Opal WordPress will share you a tip 15 Necessary Factors Appreciate a Qualified Backlink as an useful tool during the process of your SEO optimization! Let’s follow each factor to do it well.

1. Backlink in the websites has high PR

Nowadays, although PR of the website is not focused much more, a website having high PR also helps to access the quality of the website. So we can’t ignore this. But you must choose the site with high PR basing some basic elements such as index site, link out or traffic..

2. Backlink in the websites has a similar subject

Building the site with a similar subject will help your products or services to be interested by many people. The priority level of this site will be much higher than the sites not belong to your field. Google always appreciates this matter.

When you work in the same field, not only are interested by many users but also are the criteria Google accesses how your website, it is really qualified or not. Based on it, your keyword ranks will be most appreciated.

3. Backlink in the websites has few link out

A website with many links out will reduce the value of the website. It is like we pour one bucket into a cup. If we only pour into the first one, the cup will be filled with water, if we pour into many others it will be leveled out as much. The website as well as, the fewer the links out are, the more precious the link on that website is. The value received from the site is greater.

4. Backlink in the homepage

In the website link in the homepage has the highest value. All first users when accessing the website, they usually go to the homepage first. Therefore, all information on it will be focused , much more than the others, which will help them to know more about the products or services the website is supplying. So, backlink in the homepage plays an important role and it directly affects to the subpages significantly.

5. Backlink places in the position to click easily

Normally, users will read from top to bottom, so placing links in the viewed easily position will make it easier for users to click onto. For example, when we put banner ads, the first position always attracts users. Therefore, when we place links, please select the position users can see easily most. The click actions should not have too many steps, so will not make them annoyed.

6. Backlink in the content

Inserting link in the content will help us to retain user stay on the site in the longest time. Link in the content is always appreciated highly. It helps us not only to navigate the website but also to find information quickly. Therefore, navigating post in the writing is extremely important. It determines the power of the portfolio of that article.

7. Backlink in the self-written article

With each self-written article inserting link in it helps us to navigate user better. That link will help user to understand the content around how that article. Try to put link the most naturally so that readers don’t feel annoyed. For example, when you are telling about what is SEO? You can insert a link to the writing about that. Not only users click into Google but also appreciate the navigation of user highly.

8. Link dofollow

The value of link dofollow is always focused by people. It helps not only to navigate post index to the website easily but also to increase Pr for the writing. You should balance link dofollow suitably. Finding link dofollow is not too difficult, you can insert in the signals, blogs. Please choose the most qualified link dofollow!

9. Backlink in the website has high traffic

With the website having high traffic, the link value on it is appreciated highest quality. The higher the traffic is, the more the access to the website is. Not only the connect value is affected but also your website is much more known. Therefore, when you put link you should take notice to choose links in the website with the high traffic related to your topic.

10. Backlink has index high DA and PA

With the website has high DA and PA, this shows its reputation and strength. The link value on those websites has higher reputation than the others and always high appreciated by Google. It proved that that website has long term development and to serve users & Google.

11. Backlink has high click rate

To build backlink having high click rate, your title must really attract users. But to do that the title attracting the readers also needs to be focused. Remember to avoid the case your title is too long, which doesn’t impress readers instead they will feel bored. Let’s think of a sentence that contains attractive & impressive keywords causing reader’s attention.

Another way to attract high rate click is that you write a content related to the topic you are focusing. For example when you are mentioning about the matter “Where is studying SEO good?”. If there is one click from here to the general articles of SEO center comments, clicking on that surely will be efficient for people that are wondering about it.

12. Backlink from the site Gov, Edu

These websites are always respected by Google and the trust of the backlink is very high. Therefore, when building backlink we should do on these websites. You need to choose the site Gov that has few link out more effectively.

There are many people buying .gov or .edu domain to use for your website because it is the domain name of Government, Organizations that are reputable sites Google makes list.

13. Backlink has many qualified comments

With a topic you give has a lot of people caring, sharing, commenting the link value in it is considered as qualified. Users will click into it to find out. Some topics are discussed much more, surely your topic will be focused a lot. From that readers will click via the related links you provide for the reader. Therefore, not only link comment is qualified, views from this link to your website also increase highly.

14.Backlink system has many qualified backlinks

Your link is voted by many qualified backlinks, your link value will be appreciated highly. For example, your link is published on famous forum, many people access, discuss to your topic. From that, they will comment and share it. This is not difficult when you build on the websites with the same topics. Everyone will discuss a matter being cared by many people. Therefore, this link will bring great values.

15. Backlink has many views

Your article is focused by many readers, which proves that your topic is supplying users the useful information. So that link surely will be appreciated highly and have many reviews, comments on it.

In conclusion, this is the whole of 15 Necessary Factors Appreciate a Qualified Backlink Opal WordPress wants to share with you. Surely they are good tool helping you to appreciate a qualified link and help you to make a plan of building link the best, avoid algorithm Google gives. Please follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, G+ to get latest information. If you have interesting things, feel free to share and leave a comment & let us know!

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