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Home 2Vertical search - layout 01

Home 3Vertical search - layout 02

Home 4Property Info Header

Home 5Map search - layout 01

Home 6Map search - layout 02

Home 7Search by location

Home 8Search by location - Transparent header 01

Home 9Search by location - Split screen

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Home 11Search by location - Light header

Home 12Agent Search

Home 13Office Search

Home 14Properties Fullwidth Slider

iHomeFinder & dsIDXpress plugin

Home Slider SearchiHomeFinder plugin

Home Map SearchiHomeFinder plugin

4+ Property Listing Styles

Listing 01Properties List

Listing 2Properties List Sidebar

Listing 03Properties Ajax Search

Listing 04Properties Search Result

2 Properties Search iHomeFinder

Powerful Real Estate Plugin

Easy to use, Friendly & Flexible with users, Rich Features, High Advanced Functions and so many shortcodes helping you build your site.

Agents and Office Listing

Organize to manage your Agents & Office Listings and assign Agents, using our system

Property Features

Create property listings with all the features you’d expect

Gallery Images

Showcase a lot of beautiful properties images to promote your properties

Detailed Property Information

So much useful information of property is displayed impressively on site such as general info, description, Amenities, Facilities

Floor Plans

The clear technical data of each floor will create belief from clients about property they are viewing

Video Upload

Allow admin to Add video clip to your listing instantly

Google Map Integrated

Display your listing info on Google Maps helping clients easy to view property they are looking for

Contact Agents

Help your agents make more sales by placing an easy-to-use contact form in the header of each listing

Social Sharing

Letting anyone share your properties on social media outlets

Search Property

Powerful search property tool quickly helps customers to find out their favorite property

And much more ...

iHomeFinder Plugin Features

Embed Real Estate Property listings, market reports & MLS data on your WordPress site. Responsive design, great SEO & proven lead capture

  • Featured Properties

    Showcase featured properties from your real data on your website

  • Organizer Login

    Users can register name, email and personal info before sign up

  • Valuation Request

    Being a magic tool helping agents to control property demand of clients easily

  • Market Report

    Automated email & web content for lead nurturing

  • Contact Form

    An easy-to-use & simple contact form in the property discussion transaction

Membership Features

Provide your agents with a way to access, publish, manage and edit properties through a flexible membership system

Membership System

Powerful and Professional with Membership System by offering custom subcription levels for your agents with the number of features

Front-end Property Submission

You and your agents visiting the website can register, log in and submit property listings fron Front-end of your website

Social Login

The system allow your members to use their social media accounts to login your website fast and exactly

Paid or Free Memberships

You have so many choices for Membership, offer monthly packages or start trial with Free package

Payment Gateways Integration

Receive payments with Paypal, Stripe or COD - Completely supports with some catch-on payments solutions

PayPal Integration

Available to connect to Paypal, only with a few clicks you are so happy to recieve moneny without meeting any troublesomes

Stripe Integration

Without having Paypal, no problem the theme start accepting payments with Stripe

COD (Cash on Delivery Payment)

The system also accept Cash on Delivery Payment for each transaction professionally

Fast & Friendly support

Need help? Our hignly professional team of support is there for you at all times.


Whenever you meet any problems, only send us a ticket, we will support you well in 24 hours

Extensive Documentation

Detailed steps Instructions about how to set up, use and config accessible via theme option panels