8 Ways to increase sales from your online business

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Are you keen on business and want to experience with yourself to become an owner? But you find wondering whether you can do it or not and your website is contributing to your business in a meaningful way. One of the issues almost businessmen concern most is how to increase sales as fast as possible. However, saying and doing are completely different. Maybe this is a big question in people’s mind causing many arguments. By searching and practical experiences, Opal WordPress is happy to share an useful article about this matter “8 Ways to increase sales from your online business”. Surely you get many interests and helpfulness for your online business. Let’s act now!

#1. Attractive Sale Page

The first issue we should concern is Sale Page. We pay attention to create an attractive sale page making impression at the first sight. We build it with suitable headline such as “How to.., Top 10…, The Best…, Ways to…”. Besides, we also can design a colorful & eye – catching sale page together with suitable images sizes of products. Even you can reference some famous sale pages to follow or hire a professional to do it for you. Pay attention to how they display testimonials or endorsements, how they list benefits of the product, and how they implement the call to action.  Only you focus a little you can build an attractive Sale Page.


#2. Large Purchase Button

It has proved with the result of many researches that, larger and beautiful purchase button is an effective way to increase the sales page conversion rate. Indeed, that button will strike on viewer’s eye helping them to click purchasing easily. Regularly, the button is “Add to cart” or “Buy Now”, you can use some Bootstrap to create color navigation for it.  Pay attention to put purchase button in a convenient position

large button

#3. Product Descriptions

An important factor in this list is Product Descriptions. The description of your products is useful for the customers and visitors to take their decision to buy your products. The description should include the features of products (price, color, material, origin, use, size…), advantages of use. Besides, your product descriptions also have a well-structured article, logic organization, style, format..so that you can convince completely the visitors about products and they feel believed to buy and come back again.


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#4. Plentiful Content

Indeed, a sale page has plentiful content is more highly appreciated than others. The traffic of customers to this site is more than, they will pay attention to read and get useful knowledge if your content is plentiful and qualified, provide them what they need. Besides the information of product descriptions we can have blog reviews about products, comments of customers, some related articles. This will create many interacts between sellers and buyers, increase traffic. However, we should filter contents to get belief from visitors not publish or copy a series of meaningless blogs.


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#5. Suitable Pricing

Psychologically being a customer  they feel interested in buying products with a suitable price. If the price is too expensive they don’t dare to buy, in contrast the price is too cheap they don’t believe in this product.  However, we also should have a strategy of price in order to attract a large number of customers.

After a lot of research I come to know that, using a price which ends with 9 or 5 after the decimal points seriously increases the conversion rate. Consider, the following three amounts which are all equivalent, but generally 2nd and 3rd will generate more sales than 1st one.

  • $100.00
  • $99.99
  • $99.95

So, it’s a key point to choose an attractive price for your products to get satisfactory conversion rate.


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#6. Customers Testimonials

In order to make sales you will need to earn the trust of your potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is to showcase real testimonials from your customers, or endorsements from recognized authority figures in your niche. Testimonials often have a greater impact when a photo of the person providing the testimonial is included, because it just tends to give a more personal touch. You can also solicit testimonials from customers by asking for feedback after a sale. Some customers may be very happy with your product and willing to provide a testimonial, but they may not take the initiative to reach out to you unless you ask for feedback.

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#7. Cut Down on Steps to purchase

To get maximum profit from sale page, it is essential that you should cut down on steps to purchase. Why? Simple, customers will feel comfortable and convenient when the process of purchasing is easy and short without too long and complex. They don’t need to wait for many complex steps to buy goods. Sometimes, they feel bored and will miss or remove to the other page. Every step in the checkout process is another chance for your customer to become confused and/or change their mind. Anything you can do to cut down on the hurdles between your customers and your products can result in a net win for your business.


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#8. Build a community

The final way Opal WordPress wants to share you is build a community. Here you can establish a forum or social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. You create a clean environment where everyone can be free to share, comment and discuss the issues they are caring. Moreover, you also share beautiful images of products on Instagram that make people want to rush to their computers and buy them. You can find daily deal website to introduce your sale products, surely it will be a popular market for visitors. However, you don’t have to pitch your products with every interaction, either. Just build a rapport with your audience and establish yourself as a brand that not only cares about its customers, but has an active interest in providing value to the community.

forum opal

In fact, each business is based on marketing, quality of products, customer services and value added services. So, to ensure higher conversion rate on your sales page you need to ensure all of them. Here we have mentioned some essential check list to increase your sales. If you can find other good ways, leave a comment or contact us, we will update it immediately. Hoping that this blog “8 Ways to increase sales from your online business” are small tips partly helping your online business more profitable. Importantly it depends much on quality and good service of products. Remember to follow our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest to update the latest information!

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